Relieving Iraq from its Reliance on Oil

The University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa embraces the first international scientific conference hosted by the Al-Wareth Academy for Human Development and Strategic Studies.

An international scientific conference in cooperation with the Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Warith Al-Anbiyaa under the auspices of the General Secretariat of the Imam Hussainiya Shrine and in cooperation with the Al-Wareth Academy for Human Resources Development and Strategic Studies continues to complete special preparations. This first international scientific conference was held on 16/1/2021 under the title (Economic transformation from a rentier economy to a multi-resource economy) in the presence of elite professors of administration and economics at Iraqi universities and representatives of The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as representatives of the Iraqi Sunni Council, academic figures and researchers.

On this day, the activities of the conference began with a dialogue session in which some issues and forms related to the conference's axes were reviewed and were reviewed with the help of the number of experiences and case studies of other countries to benefit from by hosting a group of scientific and academic bodies in the economic, administrative and financial field to look into this matter.

There were other research sessions on the hubs of the conference, and the researchers that reached the conference were involved in the discussion, where these researchers address the problem for which the conference was held and how to find solutions to get rid of the problem of reliance on one oil resource in financing the country's general budget.

The process of diagnosing this problem has been reached via studies and research and these indicators have been adopted by the Warith Academy for more than two years, and this conference was held for bringing such strategies for the purpose of not relying on the country’s main budget on the on oil only in its revenues because oil has been affected by political crises and International situation and its negative impact on climate, and this impact is reflected on Iraq, and hence it poses a great danger to our country; its future and for generations to come. We hope that the efforts of this conference will be noticed by the Iraqi Government, the Ministry of Planning, and the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of relieving the budget of the Iraqi government from the oil economy and its removal from its crises.



Aesthetic Solar Trees for Charging

The university of Warith Al-Anbiyaa despite being in its early years is trying to be smart and efficient for energy consumption, we’re trying to introduce such initiatives gradually in our university that will pave way for a smarter and more sustainable future. Here’s one such example of our sustainable initiatives, which might be drop in the ocean of sustainability-relevant initiatives being carried out by other sustainably responsible organizations, but given our age and size, it’s just a good start for us to start investing in the energy-efficient projects, as we’re already quite active in philanthropic causes and SDG 1, 2, and 3 and similar others. So for energy efficiency university is introducing solar energy-based charging outlets for electric vehicles and other electronic devices, these outlets are mostly used by students on our campus for charging their electronic equipment and electric bikes. Some of the designs incorporating solar energy panels are aesthetically appealing and have benches beside them for students to rest or sit while charging their gadgets.


Decorative trees with solar panels


A single Solar panel tree among others for charging


Solar panels over shades for charging e-devices (General use)