Anniversary of Freedom from ISIS


The university of Warith Al-Anbiyaa celebrates the seventh anniversary of issuing adequate defense orders for every household and person, with help of whom they were able to get rid of ISIS.

Several other universities and philanthropic organizations were also invited to the event, including our sister university, the University of AlZahraa for Women.

During this period, Iraqis have outlined the most wonderful examples of sacrifice, patriotism, and sanctity. This celebration was taken place while considering the commitment to health protection and social distancing as it was in the year 2021.

Dr. Afzal Al Shami explained in a speech he gave in front of the audience that we shouldn’t forget the sacrifices of our heroes out of patriotism, which helped save Iraq

Mr. President of the university, Mr. Dr. Talib Al-Mousawi, in his speech, said the necessity of raising awareness among the coming generations, and in particular, the importance of introducing perseverance and steadfastness in our students, young generations at all levels, be them high schools, schools or higher education institutions.